Thursday, July 13, 2006


Netflix rental

A movie recommended by several months ago.
A documentary about the 2004 Olympic rugby team (I'm pretty sure it was 2004) made up of quadraplegics.

Excellent. Inspiring, informative, touching, but by no means do you feel sorry for anyone on the team.
They made their lives a challenge and a success.

Great rental. Highly recommnded now by me.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Lynda said...

Sounds interesting. It must have been before I was reading Kid Sis's blog.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Kid Sis said...

Yea!!!!!!! You're the FIRST person I can think of who's finally seen it off my recommendation!!!! Yea!!!!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

Well, I remembered the recommendation and it sounded great. My brother and sister-in-law and I watched it together, and Karen cried, she was quite moved by it. I'm continuing to recommend it to my family.

I'm enjoying my Netflix subscription. I have the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and Rear Window to watch next. I haven't been to the theatre in the last year, so I haven't seen LW&W yet.

Rear Window was inispired by my recent visit to the hospital. When my kids brought me home, my daughter Jill was doing wheelies in the wheelchair and then wheeled it out onto my balcony, so it reminded me of the movie. If I wasn't on the 4th floor of my apt building, I might try letting Pogo down in a basket to go pee.

I know there's a Chris Reeve remake of the movie, but for some reason I don't want to see it. It's too real, since it was real. I found it difficult to watch him as he grew more disabled. I admired him greatly, but it was hard to see him look so ill. My daughter has horses, so I always worry about her riding, and she even does some jumping, but that's her lifelong work as she is in vet school to be an equine specialist. I guess you have to just live your life as fully as possibly, because you never know what may happen...accidents, illness, whatever, you just have to go for it.


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