Sunday, May 28, 2006

Life is like a bowl of...........

We've heard life is like a bowl of cherries......
I'm thinking more like a bowl of spaghetti.... the long, thin kind

I'm still adjusting to:

Chemo treatment
Reduction of steroids quickly
New meds, off old meds

Learning to monitor my blood glucose
Giving myself insulin

and how all of these things make me feel (awful)

But the #s are in an 'ok' range for the time being

My plan: watch tv, nap, watch movies, nap

but no more ice cream, popsicles, pop or any of that stuff that I'd been craving (because my body was all out of whack)
and I don't even want any, the thought of them makes me sick

learning to balance foods, and eat in a healthy fashion
which is a pretty good plan for all, huh


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