Friday, May 05, 2006

I needen't have worried, I slept very well, and I'm ready to tackle the day. Pogo and I have already been out for his morning walk, I'm readying myself mentally and physically for a long day, but I truly feel well and energetic and ready to go.

It's going to be a beautiful, sunny spring day, and I noticed that not only are the crabapple trees in full bloom and full scent, the lilacs, too, are blooming. I forget how much earlier spring comes to southern Michigan as opposed to northern Michigan.

I hope to get to Traverse City in a couple weeks, and I'll see spring springing there when I do. I miss my adopted hometown, and I am looking forward to some views of he Bay.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Lynda said...

My husband and I have passed through Traverse City. It is a beautiful place! The bay reminds me a little of California.

I hope you have a great time!

At 3:28 PM, Anonymous karen said...

glad you slept well and feel ready to face the day...thinking of you today and hoping all goes as well as possible! say hi to jill.

love, karen


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