Saturday, May 06, 2006

Good day

Post treatment day went fine, I'm tired, but naps take care of that! I did miss out on going to Josh's for a celebration, but the family understands. I'm laying low this weekend, in hopes of making a trip to Saginaw and Bay City this week. I'm anxious to see my brother and sisters and their families. (Craig? up for it?)

Jill had bad news this weekend, and her sweet dog Ari and I share a battle. He's tough, though, and he and I are going to be buddies and tough it out together. I know he'll respond well to his treatment for his lymphoma and he is happy and fearless and I will learn from him.

I'm listening to Prairie Home Companion, and that's always soothing. Nice soothing Garrison voice. There's some real hillbilly song on right now, and the basic sound of that type of real music is fascinating. Imagining how folks sat together at night in their homes and entertained with their voices and instruments. I remember my Grandma Eathel (whose birthday it is today, by the way,having been born in 1886, 120 years ago!!....anyway...she said "Pa' played the fiddle. Just like Little House on the Prairie. So sweet.

That's all for tonight, I'm feeling alittle drowsy from a nap, and sentimental as well. Not a bad feeling all in all.


to everyone


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous karen said...

hi lynne...glad treatment day wasn't too bad and i hope you are having an even better day today...have been thinking of you and wanted to let you know that. if you see me online later, im me, i'll be here and there but say hi if you feel up to it.


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