Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great day

I had my 2nd Alimta treatment on Friday. It was uneventful. I am going to stay on the higher steroid dose for now, as it is helping tremendously with the pain and swelling. I'm off the strong pain meds, (narcotics) and my swelling is gone and I can walk around my apartmetn unaided, and can walk more freely with a cane and go out and do things! I feel like a real, alive, actual person this way. My doctor is rather reluctant to have me continue the steroid, and can't figure out why it helps so much, but I have to be able to do more than sit in a chair, which is all I've been doing lately.

Today it was a gorgeous spring day, and I went with Jill and her friend Corey and I watched them as they rode Jill's horse Pito. Jill loves her gray horsie and the summer-like weather was just perfect for it. It's a major stress-reliever for her when she takes some brief time off from studying. She only has a few more weeks of classes and her first year of vet school is done.

Josh went with me to my appointment and treatment. He is a sweetheart. He is so patient and loving and kind, and I appreciate him and his help so much on those days. I personally hate the appt day, it is so stressful, and my mood is low and my blood pressure high. It's just the cost of chemo. I'm grateful to be receiving the drug, and hopefully it is doing it's thing. I will have a CT scan after the third treatment cycle (in May sometime) to see if it's working. As for now, I feel it is, because I feel good, especially now that the pain is nearly gone and I am getting about MUCH easier!

Jonathan and Jen are having us over for an Easter Brunch tomorrow. I'm excited about that and very much looking forward to the day with my kids. Ham, cheesy potatoes, pies, brie and fruit, a breakfast casserole, and who knows what other goodies.
And my kids. My 6 kids. Because their wives and husband are like my own kids, I love them all so much.

I feel very fortunate right this minute.


At 1:02 AM, Anonymous karen said...

oh, lynnie, reading this entry brought tears to my eyes...i have been so praying for relief of your pain and to read this made me so happy; i read your last entry and thought about it so much but couldn't come up with any words that didn't sound trite.

we are still in new mexico and having easter dinner with jenny and loren and liam and loren's parents tomorrow night...hoping to get a little pool time in before we leave too. miss you and hope we can get together when you get back.

happy easter to you and yours. we love you.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

Thanks, Karen! Have a great day with Jenny and family, and I'll see you when you return.

Heading to Ann Arbor in a little while to spend the day with my family.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger marsha said...

That is great news, I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better and have been watching pretty horses and girls having fun together! Talk to you soon!


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