Wednesday, March 08, 2006

what am I, stupid???

another shining example of how I'm not being taken seriously:

today, at my checkup with the radiation oncologist, I wanted to mention that even though I had not had any pain in the area of the bone met, which is the object of the current radiation, that since beginning the radiation, I was feeling some minor discomfort there. I simply wanted to report it, since it was new, and felt a reasonable thing to discuss.
She sighed loudly...said "pain where in your spine"..... and said it might be due to the hard radiation table...... ????? what?????

and I said.... the table??? in a confused way

she sighed again
then said in a frustrated voice:

I just don't know, Lynne
opened the door, and ushered me out

failure to communicate, but I don't think it was on my part

apparently it was felt that annoying Lynne was asking another stupid question., and that to respond intelligently would be a waste, since Lynne is not only annoying, but stupid!!!

I am ready to fire everybody.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous marsha said...

Grrrrrrrr..I'd like to smack her a good one...


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