Friday, March 31, 2006

Hot Fudge Sauce

Julie, do you remember (I know you do) washing my hair in the kitchen sink at Thunderbird Resort? While rinsing my hair, my mother, your grandmother, had to interrupt me, hold a pan down by my face, and show me just what a softball stage of cooking candy was. One of the more absurd events in my life.

Well tonight, minus the washing of hair in the sink, I made some hot fudge sauce, remembering how to do it, having learned fudge and candy-making from my mother.

In this case, brown sugar, gourmet cocoa powder, mixed with water and cooked to a softball stage, and adding butter and vanilla - voila: hot fudge sauce.

Very delicious on ice cream. With a cherry on top. Trust me. It was good.

So I guess that lesson, though it took a long time being realized, was actually worth it.



At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Julie said...

Why yes, yes I do remember that incident. It was so absurdly funny. I couldn't believe that she was trying to show that to you while you were washing your hair. :) I laughed about that for a long time, although probably not in front of Grandma(and I am laughing again at the memory of it).


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