Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Give this a try...

I'm going to try to use this space to keep everyone up to date. It's hard to write and call everyone, and this way people can just log on at their convenience and get the latest. (presuming I keep up)

As many know, I've had discouraging news recently, and will begin new radiation to my spine and new chemo. I had my first appt with the radiation oncologist today, and she says the spot in my spine is very tiny, and had a hard time finding it...but feels the safe thing to do is to radiate it so it doesn't cause problems down the line. (there could be potentially big problems)

The radiation went fine, I'm on steroids for that, will have more steroids when I do the chemo, and will have 14 low-doses of radiation to the T-8-9 area of my thoracic spine. I may have some side-affects, but nothing too severe, from what they tell me.

I'll begin Alimta, a once-every-three week infusion on March 17. Typical side-affects possible, low white count, low red count, possible hair loss, fatigue, mouth sores, nausea...we'll see. Sounds like fun.

The radiation takes place in Lansing at a UM affiliate radiation oncologist.
The chemo takes place at UM in the Cancer Center.

If you want to reach me:
517-372-8572 (home) or 231-392-6633 (cell)

500 S. Pine St. Apt 401
Lansing, MI 48933

Please feel free to check in here often, or subscribe to be notified when new information is posted.


At 10:55 PM, Anonymous karen white said...

hey, lynne, i am honored to be here and to be one of the people you shared this with. i'll definitely check in and comment often (you know i can never just be quiet)!


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