Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I look around, the grass is high, the fields are ripe...

it's the springtime of my life. (same song)

Today, August 17th is my birthday. Not the day I was born, but the day I was reborn as a Survivor. (no religious message here) It was one year ago today that I heard the most terrifying words ever said to me. "you have lung cancer". I heard, dropped the phone, and fell apart.
It was days or weeks before I picked up the book Love, Medicine, & Miracles, by Bernie Siegel, MD, and I read of hope and read stories of others who had thrived beyond the dire predictions, and even survived when they were told they had little time.

Some days since then have been hell, some have been tolerable, and some have been very good. I've grown, learned, met people I wouldn't have met, discovered a strength I didn't know i had, and learned the lesson of true humility. I know who my friends are, I learned who around me has courage, and learned that many people love me. That may be the biggest lesson of all.

Some days now are still difficult, I'm on a new drug that is so far working, and I am looking ahead to more years of survival.

Won't you stop and remember me?


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