Monday, June 27, 2005

Health Care Handcuffs

Since my diagnosis, subsequent treatment, loss of job, loss of home, loss of income, I have been forced to fall into the arms of public health care, supported by my tax dollars, and the system that has been provided for me..... and it is a clumsy, humiliating, wall of difficulty.

I am feeling pretty well, and would like to work part time. If I do, however, my medical care financial provision will be reduced, making my effort to support myself, be productive member of society, and self-sufficient a worthless effort. If I work, I actually LOSE money.

I can't afford my own appartment on the social security disability insurance I receive, I am allowed to work to supplelment that income, but if I do so, I lose my medical insurance provided by the system I have been forced into through no fault of my own.

Here I am, a cancer patient, willing to work, and I am unable to.

Explain to me why this makes sense.


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