Friday, June 24, 2005

Everyone get down, and no one will get hurt!

Yesterday, Jill's first day home from her honeymoon, she went to the bank to change her name on her accounts, and as she sat talking to accounts manager in one of those little cubicles, two men came in with those white paper masks on, with pistols drawn, announced that it was a robbery, and told everyone to get down.....Jill, who was already sitting, simply froze and didn't look at them again, and they proceeded to go to a teller and demand cash. The bank man who was standing talking with Jill when the robbers entered the bank, slowlly moved to attempt to press the 911 call button, and the robber who appeared to be in charge said "Don't move and no one will get hurt". He stopped moving. Once they had the money from the teller, they left the bank. Two employees ran to the lobby area (are they nuts???? no job or no amount of money is worth the possiblility that they could be killed!) They saw the robbers drop money and stoop to pick it up and g et into a vehicle and drive off.

Meanwhile, Jill used her cell phone and called her friend who is a policeman in town, to see if he might be on duty...he wasn't, so she quickly dialed 911 and told them of the robbery. Once the police arrived, she gave a description of the men, and the weapon she saw, and was allowed to come home.

She didn't get her account change made, the bank remained closed for the afternoon, but because of witnesses outside the bank giving a description of the vehicle, the pair of robbers were chased, they rammed their car into a fence, jumped out, one was chased down by a police dog and arrested, the other tried to steal one of hte officer's empty police car....but was aprehended before he could do so.

Since we have inside information from Jill's friend, it was reported that one of the robbers asked for a blankie while being arrested, because he was "cold". It was 85° out. He didn't get the blankie.

We live in a very safe neighborhood, this bank is 2 blocks away, and it was noon on a bright sunny day, a new young wife cheerfully attending to her errands, looking forward to her new married life, and all it's potential..... and all of it could have been stopped cold iin an instant if the bank robbery had gone wrong.

I am a very happy mother today, being aware of life's dangers and how truly precious life is, to realize how very fortunate we all are that this story ended the way it did. No one was hurt, and the bad guys got caught.


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So scary!!!!


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