Thursday, June 16, 2005

2 down, 1 to go


All 3 of my kids will have been married within 18 months of each other.

June 11, my daughter married the man that the universe put in her path. (I'll tell the story of how they met sometime)

They had a very lovely outdoor wedding, and in spite of what can be cool weather in early June in Michigan, it was in hot and humid all week, and about an hour before the wedding, it clouded up, and began to rain.

His parents had built an arbor, complete with flagstone floor and arches, we rented one of those cool white pointy-top tents, a potty trailer (two actual bathrooms in a camper-like trailer, complete with A/C). The wedding took place at Ian's parents' home, on their 5 acre site, complete with barn and 2 horses. (Jill's and Ian's).

We spent days cutting grass, laying pavers, stringing lights, hanging flower baskets, reparing fences, planting flowers, weeding gardens, setting up tables and chairs, hanging chandelier crystals from trees, in 88 humid degrees.... to have it RAIN
at wedding time.

The house is set on ahill, so we could see out the window onto the tent below, with people hovering under the canopy out of the rain. We had thought to buy umbrellas to place around for use as sun parasols, but with the rain....well.....

The string quartet played in a corner under the tent.... Jill, dressed and ready to go, kept looking out the window, tryiing to decide if she would wait it out, concede and get married under the tent, or brave the rain and get married wet.... when the sky cleared, the rain stopped, and we all said "let's go!" We hurried and marched our way out to the gathered, waiting crowd... and they were married in a short and sweet ceremony, outside, in the arbor, under the arches, by an earth mother sort of reverend.

While Ian had waited for the rain to stop, he ran down to the tent to listen to the quartet... he did this barefoot, and when the rain broke and the wedding proceeded, he just went ahead and got married in tux and bare feet. But that was fitting, because Ian is just ian.

They exchanged rings, then exchanged a single red rose, as a pledge to remember this first gift of love and promised to use the rose as a symbol of their love for one another. Next she's on to Vet school!

The evening proceeded with dinner and dance outside (in the now much cooler weather), with family and friends and a very happy mother.... who had worried over this past year that she might not be healthy enough, or might not be there at all.

Instead, I danced at her wedding, and had a smile on my face all night long. I wore the purple dress, and a jade necklace.
Purple for spirituality, and the green stone as a healing stone for the heart chakra.

2 down, 1 to go. Next wedding: November....Jon and middle son and his fiance. With some luck, I might get a grandchild out of this one!


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