Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lost Weekend

Just kidding.... I didn't really lose it... I loved it.

I spend a weekend in Traverse City (MI), from which I've recently moved. I visited old friends, old job, and had a great time. I felt as if I'd stepped into my alternate universe.... my other life; my other home. I spent 5 years in the most beautiful part of Michigan, and I am fortunate to have friends there that I can visit. I had a great time at "Mary Lou's Bed & Breakfast", overlooking beautiful Grand Traverse Bay. I was treated like a Queen. I had my own suite, complete with fresh flowers.

It's not quite spring there, and a bit chilly, but the sky was blue, the water was everything from gray to blue to aqua. The water is still a bit low, the air fresh and brisk.

I thought I might be sad to leave there today, but instead I realized that it is still there for me, and now I have THIS home and THAT home.



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