Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Still here

I've begun a Therapet Group on the advice of Dr. Bernie Siegel, in Prescriptions for Living.

I am living at my daughter's and her fiance's home, and between us we have 6 pets. 3 dogs and 3 cats.

My Therapet group consists of:

a 98# yellow Labrador, who sheds more hair each day to fur several medium sized dogs. He is a very loving, lovable guy. He's a "licker". He licks the air, cuz he knows we tell him to STOP LICKING! His tongue is large, and his licky ways can be a bit annoying. But that's OK, it's what dogs do. Jack's favorite thing to do is nap. He is as happy as can be to nap on my bed, nap on the porch, nap in the grass...all day. His participation in the Therapet group so far has been to nap while we talk. I'm sure he's getting it all subliminally.

a 13 year old black and brown tiger cat. He is the best cat in the world. He is manly and handsome, and has spent most of the group time complaining about Jill's 2 cats who live here. Newman is very mean to Louis, and attacks him and bites his ears for no reason. It has caused Louis a lot of stress, he says, and he wants nothing more to do with him. He's decided rather than have to try to brave the walk to the basement to use the litter boxes, he would rather sneak quietly out the front door to do his business under the shrubs. I think that's fine.

My 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is black and white with tiny bits of tan blush on his cheeks. He's the long-legged variety, and looks a bit more like a fox terrier than a JR. He's extremely smart, pretty lively, but not obnoxiously so. He is a very good listener. He turns his head from side to side so he can ponder each thing you say, just so he is sure to get it right. He knows there is a possum under the back porch, though he's never actually seen it. He stands on the air conditioning unit barking at the side of the house. Guess he thinks the possum is under there. Pogo also barks at worms and bees.

My daughter Jill's boxer. He was adopted after he was abandoned at an apartment in town. He is a quiet guy, though if anyone wants to fight about something, he's up for it. He likes to claim the couch when we have our meetings.

The bad kitty. He is a food stealer. He will circle around behind you when your back is turned, jump onto the cupboard and try to get any food he can find. We think this is because he was once lost for 2 weeks and had to find his own food. Now he's not taking any chances.

He's a very sweet boy. He has the longest meow I've ever heard. Stewie is a worrier, he complains about everything, and worries that the dogs want to hurt him when all they are dong is staring at him. He has had a rough life, though, also being an abandoned cat who was lucky enough to find his way into Jill's house. (no one ever found out where he had come from) Stewie has a digestive disorder, eats often, has a fat tummy, but is skin and bones. Apparently he does not absorb the nutrients from his food and has to take supplements. He worries alot about his health.

As you can see, we have lots to discuss during our Therapet sessions. We've just begun, so we'll just have to see what we learn from each other. I think next time we'll just go around the circle and let each one speak their minds.


At 2:17 AM, Blogger Kid Sis said...

Ahhhh! How cute! And I though we had things bad with three animals merging households...

I think Stewie is my favorite, but I'm a worrier too...


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