Wednesday, April 06, 2005

another Milestone?

2 months into a 3 month waiting period between CT scans, and post-chemo in which there was a significant reduction in the main lung tumor (Stage IV NSCLC), I developed right-sided chest pain, underwent an evaluation CT, and the tumor is growing again.

I initially received Carbo/Gemzar/and Velcade as part of a clinical trial (the Velcade part was the trial) for 6 cycles, which ended in January 2005. A CT at that time showed at least 50% reduction in tumor, with all symptoms relieved.

Since then I've been feeling very well, have much of my strength back, just need alittle extra sleep, and am anticipating my daughter's June wedding, and my son's November wedding.

The sudden development of the chest pain sent me to the ER to rule out a PE. No sign of embolism, no pleural effusion, so they are considering bone mets in that area, so I will undergo a bone scan, as well as xray of the area.

I'm being treated at UM Cancer Center, and I've been started on Tarceva, I anticipate a positive response to that. I trust my oncologist, and feel good about this decision.

Dr. Cheerful.... feel free to offer your thoughts...??


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