Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Idol

I'm still laughing at Kid Sis's remarks about Am Idol.

I should be embarassed, I guess, that I'm hooked on that show. Especially because once the season is over, I won't care at all what happened to those people. I think it's the idea that 'regular' people get a shot.

This year my daughter, her fiance, and I got hooked and love to rant and rave over the performances. It's most fun to rant, I think. I am amazed at some of the people who are still there.... I don't think they're all that good.


Going to my "home town" Traverse City this weekend. It is really my adopted town, but I had to leave there in January to stay with family, while dealing with the big C. (yep, me too) I will visit with friends, look at the Bay, and have to tear myself away to come back here.


Been having some ups and downs lately, dealing with my illness. I've been healthy all my life...did all the right things...ate right, exercised, didn't smoke.... and yet I am sick. Why?? I'm not ready to face my own mortality. I'm 53, have lots to do, and just am not ready to call it a day.

I feel lazy not being able to work. I like working, and I like being healthy. I don't take to this waiting for the next doctor appointment life. I do the best I can to be 'normal'..... but there's always a reminder.

How'm I doing on the bloggin? I am not sure I have the hang of it.


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